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The INTER Programme is open all year. 

*CORE Bilateral

Programme overview

The INTER Programme aims to give Luxembourg’s public research a higher profile in the international context by providing funding for international collaboration. INTER enables the FNR to initiate bi- or multilateral arrangements for project calls in conjunction with other national or international funding bodies.

INTER answers the needs of researchers in Luxembourg for the implementation of joint projects between foreign research centres and their own institutions in order to increase their visibility and competitiveness.

The INTER programme is not formally restricted to specific research fields and a list of calls for project proposals is published regularly on this page.

Who can apply for INTER?

Luxembourg –based researchers from eligible host institutions may submit joint proposals with foreign colleagues.

Researchers wishing to submit joint proposals should consult information within individual call documents for details. More information can be found in the list of international funding schemes.

How to get funding

103 INTER projects were selected for funding between 2006 and 2014, representing an investment of EUR 33.49 million. The total budget for the INTER Programme for 2014-2017 is EUR 18 million. 


INTER projects need to be bi- or multilateral and submitted to a specific INTER call. The Luxembourg project partner needs to be eligible for FNR funding, while the foreign project partner needs to be eligible for funding from the foreign funding agency participating in the call.

How to apply

All applications have to be submitted through the online Grant Management System (AIMS).

  • Proposals / call documents must be submitted at latest 5 working days after the Lead-Agency's deadline. Applicants will need to provide basic information and attach the proposal (including all further relevant documents) based on the form provided by the lead funding agency.