INTER Programme

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Summary of the Programme

Duration: 2006-2017
Total Budget 2014-2017: EUR 18,000,000
Calls: Ongoing
Projects funded since 2006: 85

Players involved in public research and international experts recognise the need for international cooperation, particularly with a view to giving research in Luxembourg a higher profile in other countries and to achieving a critical mass within research that cannot be sought if the research context is limited to Luxembourg.

The aims of the “Promotion of International Cooperation (INTER)” Programme are as follows:

  • to promote international scientific cooperation
  • to create synergies between research centres within and outside Luxembourg
  • to achieve a critical mass in certain fields
  • to take a better approach to the resolution of certain transnational issues
  • to increase the visibility and competitiveness of research in Luxembourg

153 project proposals were submitted in the INTER programme in 2013. 20 proposals have been retained for funding by the FNR, amounting EUR 7.65 million awarded in grants. These projects cover subjects as varied as earth observation, biomedical research, materials or ICT.

Since the start of the INTER Programme in 2006, the FNR has already allocated over EUR 27.35 million.

Important Notice

Since 2012, the procedure for submitting bi-lateral proposals to the FNR within the DFG, the SNF, the FWF, the EMBL and the NCBR cooperations are integrated in the CORE Programme.

Submission procedure

All pre- and full proposals submitted within the INTER programme after 1 February 2015 need to be submitted via the AIMS online submission system. This will allow FNR to keep better track of the propositions submitted to INTER.

More specifically:

  • For those INTER calls where the first call deadline (pre- or full proposal) is after 1 February 2015, institutions are requested to submit the proposals to AIMS. Proposals shall be submitted at latest 5 working days after the Lead-Agency's deadline. Applicants will need to provide basic information and attach the proposal (including all further relevant documents) based on the form provided by the Lead-Agency.
  • For ongoing calls where proposals have already been submitted to the Lead-Agency (e.g. ANR-FNR call, MERANET, etc.), the proposals have been encoded in AIMS by the FNR.
  • For ongoing calls where a pre-proposal has been submitted but not yet the full proposal (e.g. ANR-FNR), the AIMS workflow will be opened for the PIs/institutions as soon as the invitation to submit the full proposal has been communicated to the PIs by the Lead-Agency.
  • For ongoing calls where a full proposal has already been submitted to the Lead-Agency, the AIMS workflow will be opened for the PIs/institutions as soon as a positive funding decision has been issued.

For more information or clarifications, please contact Josiane Staus.

Call Activities

The INTER Programme is open all year.

Please find all relevant information on the different calls in the list of international funding schemes where Luxembourg's participation is facilitated through the FNR's INTER Programme.

Ongoing Projects

Closed Projects